Innovate by taking advantage of technology progresses – including mobile, big data, cloud, and more. Enhancing user experience designed for different needs for casual users to experts. And leverage best practices, solutions that support integrated business processes, across purposes.

Virtual Event Platform

Organizations are increasingly adopting virtual event technologies, and for good reason: greater market outreach, more qualified leads, increased ROI, convenient content delivery across computing devices, amplified audience collaboration and reduced overhead all make for more impactful, cost-effective event experiences.

Our Virtual Event Platform’s diverse feature stack can be leveraged across any and all industries to deliver a variety of event formats. From corporate events to academic conferences to sports and entertainment, our virtual event solutions can help you deliver your message to your audience in a more meaningful way.


Corporate Events

Transform your corporate event management with our virtual event platform. Eliminate the hassles associated with traditional event logistics and the corresponding costs. Deliver your content – from live and on-demand video to presentations, collaterals and web copy – quickly in an environment that mirrors your design and brand standards. Some common corporate event solutions include:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Press Conferences

  • Meetings

  • Training

  • Product Launches

  • Communications

Academic Events

Boost attendance for your academic events by hosting them on our platform. Share your research with peers around the globe or present newly published studies and data to your donors. With all of your content available for download, your colleagues can access it quickly and without issue. Use the platform’s social networking and universal chat systems to collaborate with the leading authorities in your field. Some common academic event formats are:

  • Calls for Papers

  • Research Summits

  • Seminars

Sporting Events

Sport has a unique way of transcending cultural and geographical barriers, impacting fans around the world. The immense global popularity of sport has led corporations to place premium importance on strategic partnerships and sponsorships with sports franchises. Building a virtual space for your sports organization using our platform not only gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and engage your fans, but also to open significant revenue channels with partners and sponsors.


Like sports, music has a mass global appeal. Artists, record labels, concert promoters and others in the music industry can use our platform’s live and on-demand video streaming features to take the experience of a live concert to the masses of fans that would otherwise not be able to attend in person.

Award Nights

Celebrity award shows never fail to captivate fans around the world. From the Academy Awards to the Grammys to the ESPYs, fans of movies, music and sports revel in the chance to see their favorite stars on the red carpet. Space at the actual venues is generally reserved for the celebrities themselves, and the awards are mostly broadcast on television on tape-delay. Using our platform, you can bring the glitz, the glamour and a behind-the-scenes look at the fans’ favorite stars, all in real time.